Corporate Social Responsibility

Shroff Group Developers & Builders Pvt. Ltd., a socially aware company, is significantly contributing towards growth of the society.
The company is aware about its social responsibility to give back a certain share to the socio-economic growth. As part of the CSR the various initiatives of the company include:
adoptation and maintenance of parks and walkways where families spend time together further enriching their lives. The need of the project area and CSR programmes are developed keeping in mind the identified need. Also, provision of ample greenery and open space at our residentail projects. The company believes in Social resposibility is about giving something back, and we do this with every project we take on. It believes in giving their clients a place to live, work and flourish. It builds developments that enhance their surroundings that enrich people's lives.

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

The P K Shroff Trust believes in one mission statement “ SPREADING SMILES “ .

“Heal the world, Make it a better place for us and the entire human race”,redefines Shroff Family’s contribution for the same. We always welcome everyone to join us and spread smiles to make a little difference.

Pune’s Shroff Group family and the team have always been immensely contributing to make a difference in people’s life’s or simply go out of their way to help someone for education, health and most importantly give the basic necessities such as water, food, clothing and shelter. The foundation always starts at the ground level similarly the trust has started first supporting the team of Shroff family and future extending it to whoever they could.

The P K Shroff Trust has been founded by Mr. J.P. Shroff and their daughters Pranati Shroff Munot and Ankita Shroff who are working continuously to give back to the society . Their small effort is what makes a difference.

Following are the initiatives and activities carries by the Trust.

#PAANPOI ( Thirst Quenchers Cold Water Dispensers )

Under the Trust, the team has installed 4 different PAANPOI starting from the year 9th April 2013. The locations being Shroff House, Baner which was the first installation. Every year on the 9thApril , the Trust installs new PAANPOI’s at the locationssuch as : Near D-Mart. Baner, Speciality Business Center, Balewadi and many more. These are maintained and filled everyday with clean and cold water and almost is a source of water to about 60 passerby’s everyday. They continue to install new water dispensers every year and promise it to maintain it.


As a part of the trust they have installed benches on different roads such as Apteraod, baner , etc. for Old citizens, sports enthusiasts to sit and rest in between a busy and hot day.


Young Indians are the future of a bright India. How can we all contribute to make INDIA a better and educated place? Education is the foundation of a bright future. Mr. J .P . Shroff has sponsored a gold medal under his grandfather name “ KeshavlalNathubhai Shroff Gold medal “to students in MIT for civil engineering. Along with that the team is associated with Teach for India to volunteer and spread education in the younger generation. Books, fees and other essential are being sponsored for the needy Indians in pune and Mumbai.


The trust has contributed intensely to support people with cancer and other health issues. The P K Shroff Ward in POONA Hospital provides health facilities to about 15 patients simultaneously suffering from different diseases. Also continuous aid to install medical machines in different hospitals is looked at. Similarly it has conducted 100 to 200 cataract operations and provided correct vision spectacles for the older generation. Supporting and providing good vision and eyesight is one of theirintiatives.


The older generation always want to share some old stories or live back their old times. On every 8th December, the team organizes food, music and dance at LavaleFarms for the older people above the age of 80 where they play music, sing songs, share stories and jokes, eat and even dance thus spreading smiles and happiness.


In order to support cleanliness and make INDIA cleaner, we also distributed car bin bags to as many people we could so that people could dispose off the thrash in the car bin bag rather than throwing it outside. This gesture was merely done to spread awareness about Clean India , Green India !

There are many more such activities that are simultaneously being carried out by the trust and the team.

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